Terms of Electronic Delivery

Electronically delivered documents may be viewed by policyholders or listed insureds only.

By agreeing to receiving documents electronically (e.g., Paperless Billing and Paperless Policy), you agree to be responsible for accessing, opening, and/or reading your documents, all of which you can view them by logging into My Account.

You also agree to receive electronic reminders instead of any paper reminders you may have received prior to enrolling in paperless delivery. It will however be your responsibility to ensure that any email address you provide Country-Wide Insurance Company is up-to-date. Electronic reminders may also be flagged as spam by email service providers. Please check your email program for more details about managing spam and avoiding this.

Due to the insurance and financial regulations not all documents are available electronically. Therefore we may continue to issue some documents by print and mail.

Any endorsements or amendments to your policy contract and/or bills will be retained for up to one (1) prior policy term, subject to change. While they are available online, you can print your policy documents or save them to your computer for future access.

At any time, you may obtain a paper copy of a particular electronic document by calling Country-Wide Insurance Company at 212-514-7000 and requesting a copy.

Country-Wide Insurance Company does not warrant that the delivery of electronic documents and reminders will be uninterrupted or error-free. Country-Wide Insurance Company is also not liable for any loss or damage arising from problems with your equipment or your telecommunications provider; your failure to meet your responsibilities as outlined herein; or any equipment problems or other occurrences beyond our reasonable control. If you cannot access or read any electronic documents, call Country-Wide Insurance Company at 212-514-7000.

Discontinuing Paperless Delivery:

You may terminate the receipt of electronic documents at any time by changing your delivery preferences online. After the termination is processed by us, all future documents will be provided to you in paper form at the address on record. If, however, you cancel your paperless delivery too close to your next billing date, your paper bill may not be available to restart until the following month. If this is the case, access your bill online for the month in question.

Country-Wide Insurance Company may amend the terms of this agreement at any time without notifying you.