About Country-Wide Insurance Company

Country-Wide Insurance Company

A Leading Insurance Company
For Over 50 Years

Country-Wide Insurance Company was duly incorporated in New York State in December 1963 and is now in its 53rd successful year of operation. It is licensed to write all lines of property/casualty insurance and has developed its business in a specialty niche market consisting of private passenger and commercial automobile business in the downstate New York area.


History & Purpose

As a family owned and operated business, Country-Wide has always fostered a strong culture and philosophy that prioritizes the well-being of its employees and their families, the maintenance of good health, and dedication to the Company. Despite its growth over the last twenty-five years from a staff of 35 employees to well over 300 highly trained and talented individuals, there is still an intimacy and a loyalty among Country-Wide employees that drives and inspires the Company and allows it to reach its goals. Senior and middle managers have risen through the ranks and are indigenous to Country-Wide’s success. The feeling of being part of a very unique organization truly reverberates throughout the Company and is an essential ingredient of its continued success.

Country-Wide Insurance Company offers its automobile insurance product through hundreds of neighborhood insurance brokers that reach across our diverse metropolitan area and its contiguous suburbs. Country-Wide can offer “value added” benefits as a result of these relationships, which contribute to its unmatched knowledge of both the local underwriting market and the nuances of the claims environment. Country-Wide is truly a special operation by virtue of its corporate atmosphere, its niche presence in downstate New York, its production force, and its sterling reputation in the insurance and reinsurance community.

Vision & Values

Country-Wide Insurance Company is a company of excellence. It is a solid organization with a rich history that is dedicated to providing hardworking New Yorkers with automobile insurance, diversified specialty insurance and financial products. Its success is measured by the superiority of its services, its home grown reputation and its stable financial results.

The Company attracts and retains the highest quality talent. Its professional staff possesses exceptional business acumen, a strong work ethic and the ability to work well in teams. The staff speaks a variety of languages to accommodate the needs of its diverse customer base and employs cutting edge technology to foster an ease of doing business. Strong values and superior customer service are at the foundation of its practices and priorities. The Company’s underwriting team focuses upon profitability rather than revenue. Pricing mechanisms reflect collaboration between actuaries and underwriters and the Company steadfastly strives for expense efficiency. This philosophy allows the Company to offer competitive rates to its loyal customers through neighborhood representatives that are conveniently located in most areas of downstate New York. The Country-Wide Insurance Company organization is rapidly becoming the market of choice when it comes to the diverse insurance needs of hardworking New Yorkers.